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Exploratory works are indefinable since their nature evolves according to the artist's research. Fascinated by material and composition, Rose Cantin cannot help but respond to her need for novelty. She allows herself to vary her working methods, supports and materials in order to satisfy her curiosity and creativity. Certain tests are destined to remain unique and will only be done once. Other formal attempts awaken unresolved questions in the artist and will take the form of a new series. Several recurring themes from Rose Cantin's practice are found there and sometimes intertwine. 


The artist materializes the creative act by transposing the gesture into a burst of paint throughout his production. In certain exploratory works, she reflects on the action of painting and its stages, which she elevates to the status of a work of art, as is the case for her working rags which have been canvased so that the beauty of the tool is revealed. She also revisits favorite materials such as painting and textiles in her explorations. The fabric sometimes becomes a canvas, other times a sculptural material, while the acrylic is swapped or paired with watercolor and pencil.


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