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The collection unfolds in different iterations of a serial study focusing on the circular form. In the center of the square paintings, a round shape quickly stands out. The frank and applied form retains a colorful and diaphanous abstraction. The unpredictable gesture of dripping and the controlled structure of geometric shapes meet on the canvas and invite contemplation. The artist explores form by playing with different intensities and color palettes. She sometimes appropriates the lightness of Joan Mitchell's pastel gardens, sometimes the strength of Delaunay's harmony of colors. Each work in the collection offers its own atmosphere and tone.


In this series, Cantin takes hold of the canvas using his entire body. After having delimited the pictorial space, she circulates around the canvas laid flat and moves meticulously in her studio in order to create a balanced composition which respects the soft, discreet, calm and meditative nature of the round form.

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